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LIDAR has been in use for over 60 years in military, aerospace, robotics, and meteorological fields. Today it is experiencing a flurry of interest due to the expectation that it will be one of the key sensors to enable autonomous driving. With more than $2.1 billion raised to date, more than 85 companies are developing automotive grade LIDAR sensors using their unique approaches. This conference is the only event in the world exclusively focused on automotive LIDAR technologies and applications. The conference's sessions will describe the various approaches to make a LIDAR system, as well as explain via physics and math the reasons to choose one approach over another. We will also discuss the publicly disclosed methods from each of the known developers, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they likely they are to scale in manufacturability and cost. The conference will also provide overviews of marketplace projections and business trends. The material presented will enable attendees to make well-informed decisions regarding which LIDAR approaches are optimal for solving their challenges and requirements.

Conference Topics

  • Expert reviews and analyses of state-of-the-art LIDAR technologies
  • Business trends, market projections, M&A developments, and startup activity
  • LIDAR data fusion with other types of sensors such as radar and camera
  • Impacts of enabling technologies such as artificial intelligence
  • Notable academic research related to LIDAR for automotive applications
  • LIDAR data processing techniques and algorithms
  • Supply chain trends and challenges, government regulations, and mandates
  • Fabrication, packaging, and system assembly techniques
  • Reliability testing methodologies and techniques
  • Technology transfer, ecosystems and research hubs, company formation

Who Should Attend

  • CEOs
  • CTOs
  • VPs of engineering
  • VPs of marketing
  • VPs of business development
  • Engineering leaders
  • Engineering managers
  • Marketing, sales and business development managers
  • Industry analysts
  • Investors
  • Purchasing managers
  • Sensors and electronics consultants

Conference Location

The Henry Hotel
300 Town Center Drive
Dearborn, MI 48126

Hotel Information

The Henry Hotel is the conference location (see above address). The guest room block at The Henry has been filled. To reserve a room online (outside the room block), please click here. You can also call in your reservation directly to 888-709-8081.

The Henry Hotel is approximately 15 miles from the Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW). Here are two recommended taxi services:

Metro Cars: 800-456-1701 |

Aristocrat Transportation: 586-584-0700 |

A discounted room rate block has been set up at the DoubleTree Detroit-Dearborn. Please click here to reserve a room at the DoubleTree. The DoubleTree is not the conference location; this is a recommended nearby hotel for overnight room reservations only.

The DoubleTree Detroit-Dearborn is approximately 15 miles from the Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW). The hotel has airport shuttle service available – please call 313-336-3340 to schedule service.

A complimentary shuttle is also available at the DoubleTree to bring you to and from The Henry Hotel. The DoubleTree Detroit-Dearborn is 1.5 miles from The Henry Hotel. Please ask at the front desk when you check in for the shuttle schedule.

You can also check travel websites for other local hotel rate deals, such as

Prior Participating Companies
(from the 2018 event)

Click graphic below to view participating companies.

(from the participants and attendees of the 2018 event)

“Thanks again for organizing an excellent conference! We made many great contacts that have resulted in great leads for partnerships and investment, so it was a great venue and audience.”
Gleb Akselrod, CTO and Founder, Lumotive

“I want to thank you for the quality of the organization of this Automotive LIDAR 2018 conference. I was impressed by the quality of the technical information that was discussed, with always a link to real world experience. The quality of attendees made it an excellent conference of choice to network with others on the topic of LIDAR. I am looking forward to next year.”
Pascal Auburtin, Director – Diversification NAFTA, EFI Automotive

“Automotive LIDAR 2018 was a high-quality conference in terms of content and attendees. It was definitely worth the time and travel from Europe.”
Raul Bravo, CEO, Dibotics

“The Automotive LIDAR 2018 conference was the very first conference we attended that was exclusively focused on LIDAR. The event curators made sure that the conference covered a wide range of subjects and showed us the leading-edge progresses. I appreciated the often candid exchanges between key LIDAR providers in the industry.”
Jean-Yves Deschenes, President, Phantom Intelligence

“The Automotive LIDAR 2018 conference gave a comprehensive LIDAR industry overview with an excellent content and information density. In addition, meeting attendees from most parts of the industry was a great opportunity for deeper discussions and new business contacts. The event was extremely valuable for me and a pleasure to attend.”
Marc Schillgalies, Vice President of Development, First Sensor

“I attended the Automotive LIDAR meeting for the first time, this year (2018). The speakers were excellent and provided a good cross-section of the work being done in the field. The workshop presented the first day should be required reading for anyone looking for a quick, but thorough, introduction to automotive LIDAR. The connections I made with vendors is going to help propel my work forward. I highly recommend this meeting for anyone looking for a small, focused meeting on this subject.”
Steve Spector, Principal Member Technical Staff, Draper

“The workshop, presentations, discussions and networking opportunities at the Automotive LIDAR conference were very valuable. I believe all the participants, exhibitors and sponsors got our time and money’s worth at the event. I intend to invite my overseas colleagues for participation at next year’s event”.
Rajeev Thakur, Product Marketing Manager, OSRAM

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